Birthday Surprises!

Today we had not one, not two, but THREE birthday parties in Nashville.  Spring is here for sure in Middle Tennessee – no better time than now to plan a get together with friends to celebrate.

First up – a great group of 30ish folks on the bus. Sweet boyfriend Taylor planned a surprise bday bash for his best gal Lauren on her 30th birthday.

In store for this fun group was a trip from Nashville to Mayday Brewery in Murfreesboro then off to Little Harpeth in Nashville before heading out for a night on the town.

Whew. I wish I had their energy!


Happy Birthday Lauren!




Mayday Brewery


Glenn has serious plans for a day on which he IS NOT DRIVING!











In the middle? An 18th birthday party for Abigail.  Prior to the party, I got a somewhat frantic email from the mama, wanting to know if dancing was permitted on the bus.  My response? “Dancing is REQUIRED.”  Well, these beautiful girls took those words to heart.  According to our driver, Glenn, they danced.  For. The. Entire. Time.  Seriously folks, if this bus doesn’t put a little boogy in your booty, then you are WAY to serious about your life.




Last but not least? A 40th birthday party for a super sweet gal.  This mom of two THOUGHT her party was great after a night of celebration at the infamous Mangia on Friday but was she ever wrong.  Her sneaky husband called me about 2 months ago, to cook up a plan for a night on the town, including her 80+ year old grandmother! This group is SO fun – they had an 80s dance party (complete with RIDICULOUSLY FANTASTIC costumes) for their ten-year-old daughter. It was epic.  I think the 40th party may have topped the 80s dance party!

This party bus is NOT just for kids.

This party bus is NOT just for kids.

Happy Birthday Autumn!

Happy Birthday Autumn!



All this to say, Big Love Bus is for anyone of any age – as long as you want to have a great time.



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