The proof is in the pudding.

We often get asked why we do so much community service.  Just this past week in Nashville, we appeared at a 5k to benefit the Sexual Assault Center, attended a breakfast to benefit Conexion Americas, transported members of team Spay it Forward to the Country Music Marathon, and were listed as auction items at several community fundraisers.  Part of the reason we get involved is that we love our community.  Another reason? By giving back, we improve our community immensely.  Let me share the following letter we received from Pet Community Center:


April 29, 2015

Dear Jessica and Big Love Bus,

Thank you for your generous support of Team Spay It Forward.  Thanks to your support, team members were successful in raising over $10,000 for Pet Community Center! Thankfully the weather cooperated for the races Saturday as our team members participated in the 5K and half marathon portions of the Country Music Marathon and Sunday when our youngest team members participated in the KiDS ROCK race.  Additionally we had ten volunteers cheering on race participants and handing out water at mile 11 of the Country Music Marathon. Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve served more than 8,400 animals since 2011.  In June 2014 we opened Nashville’s first low-cost high quality spay + neuter clinic for the general public.  These programs are having a direct impact on pet overpopulation in our community.

Just to share one recent example of the impact your support provides; in August 2014 we wrapped up an intensive project in the Old Hickory area where we spayed and neutered 324 free roaming cats.  This project created a 70% decrease in the number of cats entering the local shelter.  By preventing animals from entering the shelter, we can prevent them from having to be euthanized.

Our mission is to strengthen the human-animal bond and end pet overpopulation.  Thank you for supporting our mission.  We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress!


Kristina B. West

Development Assistant
Pet Community Center

spay + neuter hotline: 615-512-5001

As you can see, sometimes the proof really is in the pudding.  Now, its time for us to ask you all to do something.  The #bigpayback is May 5, 2015.  We challenge our followers, clients, friends, and family to give back to an organization on the list – whether in money or by actually getting out there and volunteering.  Let’s see how big of an impact we can have on our great city.  Can’t think of a better way to #spreadthelove.

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