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Big Love Bus Knoxville and Jason Isbell

Big Love Bus Ride to see Jason Isbell at The Shed Smokehouse and Juke Joint

Saturday May 9th at 6:45pm

Pick up location: Broadway Baptist Church 815 N Broadway Knoxville, TN 37917

Purchase tickets for the big love bus ride by emailing or calling 865.203.1355

Tickets are $20 thru May 2nd. $25 after

The big love bus will leave promptly at 6:45pm and will leave the show 15 minutes after the ending

These tickets are ONLY for the bus, tickets DO NOT include the Jason Isbell concert.

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Birthday Surprises!

Today we had not one, not two, but THREE birthday parties in Nashville.  Spring is here for sure in Middle Tennessee – no better time than now to plan a get together with friends to celebrate.

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Nashville Ledger Gives Us Some Love!


View The Article Here!

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Spread the…dirt?

I LOVE vegetables.  I really do.  I love the crunch of a cucumber and celery and carrots and peppers.  There is nothing more delicious than a ripe tomato still warm from the vine.  The feeling of dirt under your nails and between your toes while sweat trickles down your head to the base of your skull always takes me back to being about eight years old, sitting on the porch with my grandmother stringing green beans.

We always had a garden.  I felt like it was gigantic.  We would work in the garden for what seemed hours on end during the summer, carrying water in watering cans.  Then, as produce came in for the season, we would help my mom can beans, peppers, and tomatoes, and make jellies and jams.

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Popsicles, Fresh Vegetables, and Electric Bicycles


All in a day’s drive for the Big Love Bus! Last Saturday, Glenn wowed me with his personality AND driving skills as he took me on a trek through Cheatham County.

First stop? The NEW Kingston Springs Farmers and Artisan Market. The market is located on property across from the middle school and high school. In 2010, there were three homes on the property. The weekend of the great flood of 2010, all three homes were lost. Apparently, the city eventually purchased the property and it is now the new home of what promises to be a really cool market.

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Surprise Party on the Big Love Bus!!!


It’s not every day that you turn…38??? Every birthday should be celebrated. At our house, we tend toward birthday week and sometimes even birthday month. Why not do it up Big Love Bus style?

I was contacted by the best friend of a Nashville gal to set up a surprise 38th birthday party. She had he inside track on the Big Love Bus because she happens to be the fantastically beautiful and smart Renee Sprouse, the driving force behind Big Love Bus Knoxville. Obviously I wanted to help her out and make this surprise party great. Anyway, her friend’s husband wanted a hand in putting together something special for his gal, and I was glad to oblige. I was able to put together a list of suggestions for stops and after a few emails back and forth a plan was formulated.

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Walk in THEIR Shoes 5k



One in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before the age of eighteen. Every two minutes someone in the United States is raped. That means that we all know someone who has been or will be sexually assaulted. Terrifying. Even more terrifying to me, after learning these statistics, is that I can recall fewer than 5 conversations with friends about sexual abuse or assault. Not conversations about the fact that it exists. I’m talking about conversations with people that were assaulted or abused. In other words, this means no one is talking about something that is definitely happening. I don’t want this post to turn into some kind of political statement but I found this statistic personally alarming…and terrifying.

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Like a lot of folks, over the years, I’ve been given a few nicknames. Different nicknames in different towns where I’ve lived. I’ve never been a Jessie. Usually they were some derivation of: J, Jess, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty, or even Martha Macgyver. That last one is a doozy. It was given to me by a good friend – a gal that I spent a lot of really early mornings (read 5 am) with a few years back. These therapy sessions typically involved running, spinning, or weight lifting. On one of these runs, she came up with the nickname. Not sure if we were suffering from delirium or on some type of runners high, but we thought it was hilarious. Martha Macgyver.

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Party till ya hang out the windows…an amazing 10th birthday!


I have always loved birthday parties. Well, except the all-mighty, seemingly mandatory goody bag. That’s a topic for another day though. The timing of the launch of big love bus happened to coincide with our oldest daughter’s 10th birthday. Like most kids her age, she had talked about her birthday for what seemed like months. First she wanted a skating party, then a cooking party, then a giant sleepover, then it was back to skating. I would always just nod and smile and say, “ok sweetheart, let’s just wait until we get closer to make a real decision.” Then it dawned on me. We could use the bus for her party! It would be a great way to see if kids liked the bus, would give us an opportunity to drive it around town and really test it out, and it would be fun. Seemed like a natural fit for a 10-year old who sings and dances ALL. THE. TIME.

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